The Praying Painter

Visualizing eternal realities

Seeing is Believing

Through the Eye of Faith

 While it's true that we walk by faith and not by sight, Mom's art can turn His words into images that help heal hearts and minds and make it easier to see and believe God's words wonderful words of life!

Imagine seeing your loved one hugging Jesus. They may be struggling now, or already laid to rest. But seeing them safe in Jesus' arms is so comforting, right?

Or maybe you have a loved one in the military you are worried about. Let Mom help you and your families hold on to faith and hope by "seeing" the future by faith, by faith - helping you to "picture them home".

Lin Pacific

Meet The Painter

(aka our Mom)

She is not a stranger to your pain.

She lost her only son (our little brother) at just 33 three years ago from an autoimmune disease that attacked his heart. It was a long hard five year battle, and he passed the same week a heart transplant became available.

Her art was her sanity.

Then we lost Dad in June after another hard two year battle with dementia.

I know her art heals her,  and it's healing for others to see her creations. We are really trying to help her to get more paintings to do to help her in her grief.

She started free classes in her community for art therapy so she can show others how art is healing after loss or abuse and how it can help them see the unseen.

She prays while she paints

  We hope her paintings bless and comfort you so much!

And Mom said to let you know it would be her privilege to bless you with a piece of what she sees.

She is excited and nervous to paint for you, and she really hopes the picture will be what you are looking for to help heal your heart and remind you of Jesus' unfailing promises - and most of all to make the promised future Jesus tells us of even more real in your mind than ever since your eyes have now seen what your hope is holding dear.

Most of all she wants you to know:

Heaven is real. Jesus is real. His love is real. And He's really coming back for us and He REALLY has conquered the grave for us all.

Jesus LOVES you soooooo much!!!!

We pray you feel His presence so much right now.

How To Start

Mom is not too technology set up yet, but we are working on it! (Thank you, Canva for this free website!)

Step One

Reach out to the Praying Painter, Lin Pacific,

on Facebook

Step Two

Send her your pictures of your loved ones through messenger

Step Three

Send her your donation through PayPal (you don't need an account, and you can use a credit or debit card if you like.

How much does it cost?

Mom doesn't set prices. She just asks that you donate what you can to help support her in her widowhood.

This is her only means of income and there are a lot of medical bills and other debt from the difficulties related to losing her son and husband.

Each person in your picture will take her three to four days to paint.

Me and my two sisters support her as much as we can, but art commissions help a ton.

Little or much it is all appreciated. She is trusting God for her needs and faithfully using her talents to bless others.

What Will You Get?

Normally folks want digital copies. They will be delivered in high resolution.

If you want the original art it can be shipped if you pay for shipping.

Ask Mom what size canvas you are hoping for if you want the original mailed to you before she starts painting.

The Praying Painter

Picture Them Home

Lin Pacifics

Helping you

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